Accelerate problem-solving
with the Behaviour Sprint

Our Behaviour Sprint combines the best of the Design Sprint with our studio’s Behaviour Kit. We work alongside you, revealing more about your customer’s behaviour, demonstrate how to ideate for people’s behaviour and introducing behavioural science at each step along the way.

We will work through the same process and tools that we have used with our clients, including The Estonian Government’s innovation team, Food retailer Co-op and startup incubator ElevatorStartups.


When is it useful

The Behaviour Sprint is ideal for the big behavioural challenges and for projects that are:

  • high stakes

  • short of time

  • stuck and need a fresh start

  • focus on improving or changing people's behaviour


Who should attend


People working to positively change behaviour across:

  • Health

  • Finance

  • Sustainability

  • Digital product & services

  • Environmental

  • Governmental

  • Charity & NGO


  • Design leads

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Founders

  • Leaders

  • Designers

  • Strategists

  • Decision makers

  • Policymakers


What is the investment

Behaviour Sprints are 5 action packed days of ideation and creation with your team. We also take a week beforehand to set the stage and ensure that we have everything we need to get a solid outcome.

From £21k


The Breakdown


Set the stage

We want you to get the most out of the week's problem solving and ideating session. In the week leading up to the Sprint we work with you to find the best challenge, and help you put together the best team of Sprinters.
Our one-week Behaviour Sprint works through an existing challenge you already have. Taking you from challenge to basic prototype that focuses on changing people's behaviour.



Define the challenge  I  Create measurable behaviour objectives  I  Learn and apply basic behavioural research techniques  I  Reveal your customer's key motivators  I  Uncover what behaviour you customers are currently doing   I   Map your customer's current behaviour



Create solutions  I  Pinpoint and target key decisions customer decisions  I Ideate solutions to change the decision and outcome  I  Learn how to base each idea on psychological theory  I  Frame your new idea using behavioural economics



Decide and storyboard the best idea  I  Evaluate the ideas against the behavioural objective  I  Choose the best idea  I  Map your customers expected behaviour



Prototype the solution  I  Learn how to make a simple physical or digital prototypes



Test your idea  I  Put your prototype in front of real customers and test if it solves your problem  I  Learn how to ask questions that focus on behaviour  I  Plan the next steps


Wrap up

Plan how to implement your idea I Transform your new idea and learning into action I Debrief with our Sprint roundup document I Explore how best to deliver an implement your idea


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