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Change starts with Behaviour

We’ve noticed that there are gaps in business. You’ve probably noticed them too.

People saying one thing and doing another. Customers doing unexpected things. And products that test well, but struggle when launched.

These gaps start and end with people. The people that make, break and drive business.

The thing is, people are complicated.

We know we should go to the gym, but don't. We know we should save more, but don't. We know we should turn off the lights, but don't.

We know, but we don't.

This leaves a gap. A gap in our own behaviour, our intentions and our actions. These gaps emerge across design, business and our wider human behaviour.

At Behaviour Studio, we know people. We know how they think, what they do and why they do it.

We are a studio that explores, determines and reveals all areas of behaviour using behavioural science. Unlocking people understanding - people’s behaviour - to think differently, work differently and drive change.

If you want to get the most out of behaviour, then count on us.

Supporting thoughtful brands


Make better decisions. Faster.

Behaviour Sprint

Transform the way your team works. The Behaviour Sprint combines the methodology of the design sprint with behavioural science. Dig deep into a problem using psychology. Psychology to understand people on a deeper level. Psychology as a tool to supercharge ideation.

⤏ Collaborate

Bring together cross functional teams and behavioural science. Explore challenges across multiples levels of people's behaviour.

⤏ Innovate

Put people's behaviour at the centre. Create new ideas and jumpstart ideation.

⤏ Accelerate

Make decisions based on behaviour. Expand your understanding of the affect on customer behaviour at the point of ideation. Move fast. Break less.



Behaviour by design

Behaviour Design

Decisions are valuable

Everything we do starts with a decision.
We make around 35,000 of them - every single day.
From where to go, what to do, how to act and how to feel.

But decisions are tricky.
95% of all decisions we make are unconscious.
Meaning, as people, we have no control over 95% of the things we do and feel.
Instead, we are driven by our assumptions, emotions, biases and everyone around us.

Behavioural science explains our everyday decisions.
Using insights from psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience we can unpack all these hidden decisions. Informing a design process called Behaviour Design.

We design people’s decisions to have a long-term impact on their behaviour.

Decisions are valuable. Design your customer’s for impact.

⤏ Digital Product Design
⤏ Behaviour Change Products
⤏ Product Audits
⤏ Design environments



Work better with
behaviour facilitation

Behaviour Facilitation

Good work is born out of people's behaviour. What people do, how they do it and why are three cornerstones of successful facilitation. But, good behaviour doesn't form itself. Good behaviour needs to be moulded. It requires understanding, process and work to get right. Behaviour, once crafted, can make teams more productive, more collaborative and more innovative.

We provide behaviour facilitation to new teams, experienced teams and teams facing transformation.

Behaviour facilitation plays a huge role in successful Digital transformation.




Behaviour Academy

Our workshops harnesses the power of Psychologists and Designers to dig into your specific business challenges.

Understand more about customer behaviour, user behaviour, team behaviour and leadership decision making.

Learn the because to people’s questions of why.



Learn the theory.
Apply the theory.

Behaviour Kit

BehaviourKit distills the latest in design theory, behavioural economics and consumer psychology. With tools, methods and insights.

Our aim is to unlock real people understanding found in academia and bring it to you. The problem solvers. The thinkers. The makers and creators. Each card pack is based on theory. Learn all things brain, decision and people science and start using behavioural science today.