Design with behavioural insights


Design with behavioural insights

For problem solvers, strategists and creative professionals wanting to up their insights into how people think and act. We will teach you the best behavioural insights academia has to offer. In a way that you can easily apply to your work in a new process called Behaviour Design.


What you'll learn

  • Learn the background of behaviour design

  • See the value of behaviour design to organisations, digital products, services and design

  • Reveal how behaviour design compares to other design sectors. And what it can add to your current design process

  • Get insight into the whole behaviour design process

  • Know how human-decision making works

  • Learn how people are irrational, and how this affect’s the success of design and problem solving

  • Understand the main factors that shape behaviour

  • Learn how to restructure a problem to focus on people’s behaviour

  • Explore the importance of behaviour traits

  • Discover opportunities to change behaviour

  • Master the go-to behaviour design principles. Know how to use them when starting to design for people’s behaviour

  • Takeaway our Cards for Change. Our BehaviourKit deck of the top behaviour principles for use in ideation and problem solving


Who is the course for?

  • People who want to understand and apply psychology and behavioural insights to improve their digital products, services and experience designs.

  • People who want to design for people’s behaviour and behaviour change.

  • People who want to seamlessly plan products based on user behaviour.

  • People with roles including Product Lead/Designer, Experience Lead/Designer, User Researcher and Product Manager.



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