Design for motivation

Design for motivation

The motivation to act, not act, click, do and interact. It is at the core of whether people do, or don’t do the behaviour you are designing for. Unfortunately, motivation is elusive. It changes over time, with usage, experience and even a person’s state of mind.

We will teach you how to reveal people’s motivation, design for the different motivation types and how to adapt your design ideas to make the most of what motivates people to act.
You'll learn new tools, techniques and processes for designing for people’s behaviour. Techniques you can take away and use in your next project.


What you'll learn

  • Learn how to encourage people to start and carry on using your product the psychological way

  • Explore how motivation affects what people do

  • Understand the different types of motivation

  • Discover how to research and reveal people’s motivation type

  • Explore how to design for each motivation type

  • Learn how to create a motivation profile of users

  • Understand how to adapt the user experience for a user’s motivation shift

  • Reveal why gamification can backfire

  • Learn how to use gamification effectively, and ethically


Who is the course for?

  • People who want to understand and apply psychology and behavioural insights to improve their digital products, services and experience designs.

  • People who want to design for behaviour change.

  • People who want to seamlessly plan products based on user behaviour.

  • People with roles including Product Lead/Designer, Experience Lead/Designer, User Researcher and Product Manager



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