Design for emotion

Design for emotion

How people feel drives what they do. For digital products and campaigns, using emotion increases engagement and can create lasting responses in people. Emotion is one of the key threads that connects people to design and design to people. 

In this 1-day workshop we explore the psychological background to emotion, why it is an important tool when designing for people’s behaviour and how to integrate it into your next project. 

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What you'll learn

  • Get up to speed on the psychology behind emotion 

  • Understand the spectrum of people’s emotions 

  • Learn which emotions have more impact than others 

  • Understand which emotions draws people’s attention and which are memorable 

  • Explore how emotion directs and changes our behaviour 

  • Learn how design, visuals and form create emotion in others 

  • Create and adapt ideas to elicit different emotions 

  • Avoid creating negative emotions in your design and brand experience 

  • Build ideas using emotion psychology principles 


Who is the course for?

  • People who want to understand and apply the psychology of emotion to improve their digital products, services and experience designs.

  • People who want to seamlessly plan products based on emotion.

  • People with roles including Product Lead/Designer, Experience Lead/Designer, User Researcher and Product Manager



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