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Made for you our workshops harnesses the power of Psychologists and Designers to create a course that meets your specific business challenges.

Designed to fit all schedules. Our courses and bespoke sessions are held where you need. At our Manchester HQ, immersed in your space or at your team away days.


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Behaviour Facilitation

Monday 26th August
3pm - 7pm
Stella Soomlais Studio
Tallinn, Estonia


Emotion in design

Friday 13th September
9am - 5pm
Beirut, Lebanon

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Behaviour Design

Thurs 19th September
9am - 5pm
Manchester, UK

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Creating Emotion in Digital Experiences

Friday 8th November
9.30am - 5.30pm
D&AD, Cheshire Street
London, UK


We work with you to deliver all these