Streamline education for Microsoft’s B2B customers


Streamline education for Microsoft’s B2B customers

Microsoft is one of the largest B2B educators. But their content was hidden. We set out to streamline access to their vast educational resources and business customer facing collateral. Working on both the SureStep and Dynamics 365 sub-brands we restructured their content for learning access and learning styles.



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Increase customer comprehension and learning

Microsoft's business support is extensive. They provide training across a wide range of areas, assets and ecosystems. The way they communicated was equally as diverse in style and approach.

We were tasked to 'think -just- outside the box' and bring an accessible and relatable twist to their business support documents.



One lesson isn’t for all

We assessed Microsoft’s existing education collateral. We found that as the brands matured, the way it addressed people’s central needs and quality of content decreased. Comprehension was down, confusion was up.

We started by researching key learning patterns of people. The two main patterns that emerged were either easy-to-hard or hard-to-easy. We encouraged both strategies to be using across the learning ecosystem. With focus on where content appeared, and when and the structure of each guide.


Easy-to-hard & hard-to-easy

Texts ordered easy-to-hard resulted in lowers average relative metacomprehension accuracy compared to texts hard-to-easy. Apart from when people are told to give more cognitive effort to the task.




We worked across to layout, design and produced custom illustrations for the Microsoft Surestep and Dynamics brands.


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