Change starts with behaviour

Working with thoughtful brands, creative industries and governments to create sustainable change.


We’ve noticed that there are gaps in business. You’ve probably noticed them too.

People saying one thing and doing another. Customers doing unexpected things. And products that test well, but struggle when launched.

These gaps start and end with people. The people that make, break and drive business.

The thing is, people are complicated.

We know we should go to the gym, but don't. We know we should save more, but don't. We know we should turn off the lights, but don't.

We know, but we don't.

This leaves a gap. A gap in our own behaviour, our intentions and our actions. These gaps emerge across design, business and our wider human behaviour.

At Behaviour Studio, we know people. We know how they think, what they do and why they do it.

We are a studio that explores, determines and reveals all areas of behaviour using behavioural science. Unlocking people understanding - people’s behaviour - to think differently, work differently and drive change.

If you want to get the most out of behaviour, then count on us.


Estonian Government I BehaviourSPRINT

Demonstrate how behaviour can inform policy with the Estonian Government

We worked across governmental groups to show how starting with people’s behaviour can inform people-first policy. Exploring how to reduce youth reoffending, encouraging victims of crime to access support services and reduce the number of people choosing to not vaccinate their children.


Microsoft I PROJECT

Streamline education for Microsoft’s B2B customers

Microsoft is one of the largest B2B educators. But their content was hidden. We set out to streamline access to their vast educational resources and business customer facing collateral. Working on both the SureStep and Dynamics 365 sub-brands we restructured their content for learning access and learning styles.


British Government I Project

Highlight gender pay equality with the British Government

safer gambling_Behaviourdesign_behaviourstudio_web.jpg


Explore how to create a safer gambling experience with Sky Betting & Gaming



Helping Coop’s members make the most of their membership benefits

emotional-design_Behaviourdesign_behaviourstudio_web2 (1).jpeg

D&AD I Training

Teach how to create emotion in digital experience at D&AD


Hyper island I training

Show Hyper Island’s MA students how to design for better behaviour


elevatorstartups I behavioursprint

Guide the startups at Elevator Startups to structure their businesses people first


We help you


Accelerate problem solving

Combine behavioural science with the creative problem-solving of a Design Sprint.


Reveal ways to improve

Quickly learn how to improve your product or service for people’s behaviour.


Drive business with behaviour strategy

Good strategy starts with people. Refocus to get the best of our people and business.


Behavioural science and design training

Learn how to use behavioural science to improve your products and services.