Educating Microsoft’s business customers

BehaviourStudio helped Microsoft to finesse their business customer training collateral. Working on both their SureStep and Dynamics 365 projects. Helping their business customers to harness the power of all Microsoft has to offer.


The team at Microsoft wanted to streamline and apply their brand across their new education portals.


We applied theories across cognitive load and search theory. With the aim to optimise for a guided reading experience that is easy to both find information and to understand.


We created roadmaps, guides and supporting documents to support Microsoft’s B2B education of their Surestep products. Published across both their Surestep and Dynamics support pages.

A fresh approach

Microsoft's business support is extensive and they provide training across a wide range of areas. Their existing communications were equally as diverse in style and needed an update to fit their current brand. We were tasked to 'think -just- outside the box' and bring an accessible and relatable twist to their business support guides.

A unified training ecosystem

Microsoft's training ecosystem is vast. As it expanded it became confusing in where to find the best information for a specific business problem. The aim of the SureStep and Dynamics 365 projects was to streamline access to help when needed and unify it under one brand language.


Business doesn't mean boring

By pulling in Microsoft's full brand language, colour scheme and branded illustration we were able to bring Microsoft's friendly and inviting approach in a business setting.

Illustrating the way

We made the most of Microsoft's existing assets library and brought them into their business facing documents. Creating some custom illustrations to be used throughout.