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What is behaviour design?


Behaviour Design is an innovative approach to problem-solving.
It starts with what makes us, us - our brains.

Driven by the latest insights from Behavioural Science, it brings the knowledge from academia to help problem solve problems and improve design. It draws insights from a combination of psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience. Tailoring solutions to the way people think and the way people act.

Put simply, if we know how the brain works, we know how to better design for it.

Behaviour Design builds on design thinking methodologies including Human Centered Design. Adding these 4 components to create an emerging sector:

Behavioural insights

The use of the latest findings in behavioural science underpins how we understand people’s existing behaviours, and how to create effective solutions in the ideation phase.


Your behaviour is determined by three areas. Your motivation, triggers to act and your ability to carry out that behaviour. Behaviour kit process ensures a person is already motivated to act, so we can focus our efforts on designing triggers and changing people's ability.


We move away from the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of traditional business. Moving towards action-centric measures of what people do. It provides a complete picture of what people are doing, when, why and how. The aim of behaviour design is to change someone’s behaviour.

Measurable and provable

Behaviour Design shares the rigorous empirical study found in behavioural science. Using experimentation to assess people’s current and wanted behaviours. Ensuring an idea works before you invest time and money scaling it.



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