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Netmag: Which recent book has influenced your work?

Inside the nudge unit

Netmag asked us which book has most influenced our work.

After a long scan of the studio bookshelf. And a lot of book soul searching. We came to one book that means a lot to us here are BehaviourStudio.

That book?

Inside the Nudge Unit by David Halpern.

The book tells the story of how behavioural insights were brought into the UK Government. A team of behavioural economists set up the Behavioural Insights Team and went to task solving the bigger societal challenges. Their aim; to help people make ‘better choices for themselves’.

Lauren, our founder, shares why the book was important;

"I read this book at an important time. I was thinking a lot about psychology and design, and how both seemed to be siloed. Reading this book solidified my ideas that behavioural insight should be, and could successfully be, brought into the design process. It eventually led to me starting BehaviourStudio. A studio that specialises in behaviour design and using design psychology."


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