4 psychology talks for creatives and designers from Nudgestock

For one day in June, the greats at Oglivy Change held their 'festival of behavioural science'. Nudgestock, is a source of inspiration for anyone interested in the how people think. Whether you are interested psychology, behavioural economics, motivation, advertising or design.

I'd highly recommend you dip into the talks over on youtube, but if you don't have an afternoon free I'd recommend these top four talks from the day:

Tim Harford: Why frustration makes us creative

Tim is a journalist at the Financial Times and writer of titles including The Undercover Economist, revealing the economic ideas behind everyday experiences. In this entertaining talk, Tim walks through the highs and lows of lecturing to Rock & Roll, all to determine what is at the core of creativity.

Favourite quote:

As creatives, "you think outside the box, because your box is full of holes

Dave Trott: Complexity kills creativity

Advertising great, Dave Trott exudes his years of experience. Bringing behavioural economics to advertising. Pulling in lots of examples to hit home the point that to succeed in advertising, you have to think laterally.

Favourite quote:

Creativity is a legal unfair advantage.

Dr Tali Sharot: Influencing a Predictive Brain

Dr Tali Sharot, a Cognitive Neuroscience walks through the things that changed people's minds and behaviours. Rebuking the common misconceptions of what works and what doesn't work.

Favourite quote:

Warnings have a very limiting effect on our behaviours.

Rory Sutherland: Clever people doing simple basics.

A prolific member of the ad community, Rory is Executive Creative Director of OgilvyOne. He Chairs Nudgestock and shares his insights into how the way we think affects the ways we approach problems and act.

Favourite quote:

The map that you use distorts the decisions you make.

Image credit: EUscreenXL Rome Conference "From Audience to User" by Maria Drabczyk/Quirijn Backx under CC 2.0

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