People are complicated.

We know we should go to the gym, but don't.
We know we should save more, but don't.
We know we should turn off the lights, but don't.

We know, but we don't.

This leaves a gap. A gap in our own behaviour, our intentions and our actions.

These gaps emerge across design, business and our wider human behaviour.

Reflected in mismatched engagement data, a new product feature that didn't work as intended, missed opportunities and the wider societal problems we see in health, wealth and sustainability.

We need to think differently about problem-solving and the product, service and design cycle. Putting people's behaviour first. 

That's where we start. We look at people. People as customers, patients, workers, savers, learners. Using all the wealth and knowledge from the behavioural sciences to understand, diagnose and create psychologically charged solutions at scale. Creating solutions that get people from their intention to action. 

From we know, to we do.


Every team benefits from using behavioural science. But it has its own barriers. Barriers to understanding the science, to implementing it in a fast-paced team and across a number of different specialities.

We remove barriers.

Creating resources, tools and processes for technology and service teams to use to drive your next project. We teach our 5-day problem-solving Behaviour Sprint, BehaviourKit framework and the knowledge to upskill ever member of your team in usable psychology at our BehaviourAcademy.


We've worked on projects including; showcase the reasons behind and impact of the Gender Pay Gap in the UK with the British Government’s Equalities Office, Decoding IQ for a joint project between MIT and Union College, support learning of all the business essentials with Microsoft.

Sharing the power of Behavioural Insights with advertising company FITCH, Innovation hub InVision LABS and with the design team at Studio Output.


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Read more about our process at BehaviourKit

And how to start designing for Behaviour in your team at our BehaviourAcademy